Yung Gomzy – Growing Up (Full Ep)

Lilongwe/Malawi based singer-songwriter-producer; YungGomzy is starting 2023 with a bang, releasing his new EP titled “Growing Up”. Its available for free on our website.

1.Right or Wrong_Yung Gomzy_(Prod.@BedroomMusic)

Download “2.True Heart_YungGomzy_Proby.BedroomMUSIC)”

2.True-Heart_YungGomzy_Proby.BedroomMUSIC.mp3 – Downloaded 182 times – 6.93 MB

3.Positive Energy – YangGomzy ft Neptunie_(Prod.@BedroomMusic)

Download “3.Positive Energy - YangGomzy ft Neptunie_(Prod By Yung Gomzy@bedroommusic)”

– Downloaded 0 times –

4.Ndalimba mtima -YungGomzy ft Memory(sister)_Prod.@BedroomMusic)

Download “4.Ndalimba mtima - YungGomzy ft Memory_YungGomzy ft Memory (sister)_Proby.BedroomMUSIC)”

4.Ndalimba-mtima-YungGomzy-ft-Memory_YungGomzy-ft-Memory-sister_Proby.BedroomMUSIC.mp3 – Downloaded 131 times – 7.08 MB

5.Pa iwe_YungGomzy ft Neptunie(Prod By Yung Gomzy@bedroommusic)

Download “5.Pa iwe_YungGomzy ft Neptunie(Prod By Yung Gomzy@bedroommusic)”

5.Pa-iwe_YungGomzy-ft-NeptunieProd-By-Yung-Gomzy@bedroommusic-.mp3 – Downloaded 158 times – 6.38 MB

6.YungGomzy – Ziyiware ft MistaKozmik_(Prod.@bedroommusic)

Download “6.YungGomzy - Ziyiware ft MistaKozmik_(Prod By Yung Gomzy@bedroommusic)”

6.YungGomzy-Ziyiware-ft-MistaKozmik_Prod-By-Yung-Gomzy@bedroommusic.mp3 – Downloaded 145 times – 8.84 MB

7.Ndatopa Nawe_YungGomzy ft Dee Trice & Kendie(Prod.@BedroomMusic)

Download “Nawe_(Prod.YungGomzy@BedroomMUSIC”

7.Ndatopa-Nawe_Prod.YungGomzy@BedroomMUSIC.mp3 – Downloaded 156 times – 7.85 MB


Download “Nawe_(Prod.YungGomzy@BedroomMUSIC.”

8.NdimasuleBonus_YungGomzy_Proby.BedroomMUSIC.mp3 – Downloaded 139 times – 6.46 MB

All songs were produced at bedroom music by yung Gomzy

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